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Wedges Shoe Trends for 2014


Wedges Shoe Trends for 2014 - Wedges shoe that once was popular in the 1980s, then sank, it is now beginning to rise again. Some artists and infotainment show host even begin to routinely use it in their show-show.

Ballerina type shoes still become a trend for the next year, wedges sneakers will be the trend for the next year. Large heeled shoes or bold also will become a trend. There is only now, jelly shoes or plastic material that will be a trend that is booming in 2014. Color trends 2014 for shoes is still loved by the bright colors.

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Dolce and Gabbana fw 2014

Dolce and Gabbana fw 2014  In fact, no one will care about your old and boring wardrobe if you have a pair of D and G shoes. Trust me! Now, who says shoes is an unhealthy obsession?


Wedges Sandals Resort 2014

Brian Atwood Sema Brown Wedges 2014

Brian Atwood Sema Brown Wedges Resort 2014 Atwood offers stunning color palettes byzantinum and chartreuse. I adore both colors!

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wedges shoe 2014

Wedges Shoe 2014 the first thing that everyone pays attention to while purchasing footwear is the color and texture, since you want your shoes to go well with your entire outfit.

Wedges Fashion Trends 2014

Fall/ Winter Wedges Fashion Trends

 Fall/ Winter Wedges Fashion Trends most often such decorations embellish the heels of the shoes, while other fashion designers decided to decorate the entire shoe.

wedges spring 2014

Wedges Chloe 2014

 Wedges Chloe 2014 : Wedges, flatforms, crisscrossed wide straps and breathable canvas. The silhouettes of the new Chloe spring shoes.

wedge shoes 2014

Decorated wedge shoes

Decorated wedge shoes and when we say trendy textures, this fall, we mean leather, fur, suede, reptile skins, as well as dramatic velvet.

Current models bermuculan wedges shoes almost every day, ranging from simple models of shoes to a variety of models. Not to miss is the emergence of wedges sandals models that are not less beautiful.The color does tend to be bright, neon, and the colors are copper and silver mines. Sometimes people are looking for the right color of his own skin type.

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